Core Subject Areas

Language Arts

Princeton Junior School strives to create a community of lifelong readers and writers.  The Language Arts curriculum is guided by the IB Languages Arts Scope & Sequence and reflects the integrated nature of balanced literacy in its approach to listening, speaking, reading and writing.


In the Primary Years Program, science is viewed as the exploration of the natural, physical and material worlds.  Our science program encourages curiosity along with an understanding of the world and enables students to develop a sense of responsibility regarding the impact of their actions.  We emphasize the importance of learning science in context and exploring content that is relevant to students current units of inquiry.

The knowledge component of our science program is arranged into four strands.


At Princeton Junior School, we strive to instill an intrinsic fascination with mathematics in each student. Children learn, from the Toddler class up through Grade 6, that the first step in understanding and solving a problem is asking good questions. Real learning comes from thinking about the best way to investigate a mathematical concept, take risks, evaluate outcomes and learn from experiences.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies program guides students towards a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and of their place in an increasingly global society.

At PJS, strong social studies skills are achieved through the consideration of five strands of learning: