Financial Aid

Financial Aid at Princeton Junior School allows for an economically diverse student population including a strong representation from middle income families and is awarded on the basis of financial need.

To apply for aid: The deadline to apply for financial aid through TADS for the coming school year is January 31st of the current school year. Prospective families who are interested in Financial Aid must first submit an admissions application and be accepted to school before their TADS application can be considered. Admissions decisions are made separately from financial aid decisions. The financial needs of returning families are met first. Remaining funds are then awarded to new families.  Financial aid is not available for the Early Childhood Program or for Full Year Packages. The financial aid application process must be reviewed each year for continued assistance for the following year.

Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) is used to assess the information provided in each financial aid application. Award decisions are determined by the Princeton Junior School Financial Aid Committee based on the information provided by parents to TADS.

Financial aid application information is considered confidential.