Enrichment Classes

Whether your child wants to spend more time on a favorite activity or discover a new talent, our after school enrichment classes offer something for everyone. Enrichment classes are scheduled during three sessions throughout the year: fall, winter and spring.  Our enrichment classes are staffed by Princeton Junior School teachers and local professionals who are excited to share their passions with young students.  Class offerings vary each session and include an additional fee.

Previous enrichment classes that we have offered include: Soccer, Filmmaking, Pop Art, Fencing, PJS Press, Mandarin, Cooking & Baking, Nature Exploration, Architecture, Acting Workshop, Sports Sampler, Beginning Ballet, Rolling into Robotics, Little Flower Yoga, Theater Club, Fencing Club and Messy Fun and more.



The benefits of learning about and participating in musical theater are endless. Academically, students learn self-discipline, self-confidence, time management, memorization skills and so much more.  Many of these are skills and concepts that we strive to instill in the students in the PJS community. Musical theater students learn to successfully communicate while collaborating to complete something. They learn perspective and empathy as well as social awareness. Singing and dancing helps to develop coordination, spatial awareness, and memory, as well as reduces stress. Theater enhances creativity, concentration, self-discipline, problem solving, and self confidence. All of this and it’s fun too! 

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