2021 Reimagine Summer Camp

Summer is a time of light, color and warmth that inspires children to connect with the natural world. The Reimagine Summer Camp program, “Nature All Around Us,” encourages children to observe, reflect, ask questions and enter into a place of wonderjoy in nature. Our campers will look at how nature expresses itself through form, color and pattern, and in the living creatures and plant life all around us. Through inquiry-based learning, we will explore the natural world in stories, sensory play, project building and time spent outside on our beautiful campus. Artistic Expression is at the center of our day, through which we can examine ideas and observations in a different language. Our program creates a space for children to gain love and respect for the natural world as well as confidence in promoting their own ideas.   

Children will experience:

Morning Circle and Story

Learning Through Landscapes - science based inquiry

Art and Handwork

Building, outdoor play & water fun

Sensory table time

Music and games

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Our Curiosity Camp is specifically designed to promote the natural curiosity and creativity of a child through experiences that integrate the arts, literacy, and exploration of the natural world. Our counselors consist of experienced Princeton Junior School teachers and experts in the fields of creative arts, literacy, and science. We approach summer learning with a sense of joy, passion and creativity! Our pathway to learning is inquiry based. This exciting process encourages students to be deeply invested in their learning, formulate questions, investigate widely and then build new understandings. Our beautiful ten-acre campus and child-centered schoolhouse are the perfect setting for this type of exploration.  An afternoon virtual class is included with the in person camp.  Your child may choose 2 virtual classes during each session.

Campers will experience:
Morning Meeting and Read Aloud

Learning Through Landscapes - Science Based Inquiry



Outdoor Play and Exploration

Afternoon Virtual Class (Campers choice)

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Refund Policy

All Payment transactions are non-refundable. If the dates you have chosen on the summer camp registration form need to change, please contact us for availability of another session. This would require one week prior notice.

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” ~ John Ruskin