Weekly Update 5/25/18

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 PJS Olympics 2018.  

PJS Olympics 2018.  

Grade 5 Exhibition: Friday, May 25, the Grade 5 students advocated for a cause they truly care about in the The Grade 5 Exhibition.  Students presented research from a variety of sources including personal interviews from experts in their field of study.  Some of the topics presented today were: animal rights, hunger, poverty, women's rights, cosmetic testing, racial profiling, and protecting the planet. The Grade 5 Exhibition is an exercise in student empowerment and the culminating activity of the year.  

Summer Instrumental Lessons are available at PJS.  Please click here for more information.

Save the Date:

May 25: Family Talent Show: 6:00-7:30 pm.  

May 28: Memorial Day. NO SCHOOL. No vacation program.

May 29: PJS Young Scholars, K-5.  Paul Smith: Raising Puppies to be Guide Dogs,  6:30-7:00 pm. RSVP NEEDED to jbartell@princetonjuniorschool.org

May 31: Pizza Thursday.    Make-up Fencing Club from Winter Session.

June 1: Friday Focus.  11:50 ECP dismissal, K-5 Noon dismissal. 

June 1: Open Hearth/Garden for parents of grades 2/3. 

June 2: FUNDRAISING EVENT for PJS Performing Arts Program. Ms. Swartley's Band, The Raising River Band, will perform from 7-9 pm at PJS.  Adult only event.

June 6: Splash Day ECP/K


June 9: Movie Night 8:00 pm

June 13: ECP Graduation 10:30 am; Graduation K-5 6:00 pm.   Last Day of School.  Noon dismissal for all. No Afterschool Care. 

June 14, 15: Staff in-service. No vacation program.

June 18-29: Vacation program in session. Sign up after Memorial Day.