Weekly Update 6/8/18

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 Kickball! The staff had spirit, but were defeated by the students, 13-12.

Kickball! The staff had spirit, but were defeated by the students, 13-12.

PJS was treated to a story-telling extravaganza this week. Grades 2 and 3 shared important stories from their hearts.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Grade 4 created and shared the Museum of the Complex Universe!  

Please remember to clean out your child's cubby or locker by WEDNESDAY, June 13.  We will be cleaning thoroughly, so even if your child is coming back the next week for Vacation Program, please empty their space. 

Saturday, June 9: Family Movie Night at PJS!  Madagascar 3 will start at 8:00pm. Snacks and soft drinks available for purchase. $5 per person or $20 per family.  All children need to be accompanied by an adult. 

Wednesday, June 13 is Graduation Day.   ECP will graduate at 10:30am.  Please park on the lawn.  The Ceremony will be under one hour, with refreshments in the classroom afterward.  We look forward to this special time to recognize our youngest students.  Grades K-5 will graduate at 6:00pm.  Please arrive promptly, as the gates will close at 6:00.  Cars will be directed to park on the lawn.  Please drop your child off in the classroom before graduation.  Pick-up is in the classroom afterward.  We will have refreshments following the ceremony. 

Choir students will preform at both graduations. For the morning performance please have your child wear a white shirt and dark bottom (black or dark blue pants or skirt).  For the evening performance, please dress up.

Wednesday, June 13. School closes at 12:00. There is no aftercare on this afternoon, or on June 14 or 15th.  Vacation Program begins on 18th.